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Functional Testing

Our enterprise and digital domain Managed Functional Assurance Testing services answers your question if your software is behaving the way it is programmed to

With the organisation going digital worldwide, the functional testing challanges are changing conitnously due to wide dynamics of digital devices used across multiple platforms.

Through our Digital Labs and cutting-edge technology framework we assure that your Digital Transformation journey is smooth and does not affect business goals.

True End-to-End Functional Testing

We test and validate the overall functionality of your software from requirement management, Validation, assurance strategy to test case execution with detailed reporting and dashboards

System Integration Testing

Our Functional assurance services validates the functional behaviour of your application in integration with complex external and peripheral system

Compatibility Testing

Be assured of your application performance accross multiple operating systems, browsers and versions

User Acceptance Testing

We assure that your products meets end user functional and business requirement

Comprehensive Reports

Our extensive and detailed test metrics after each test cycle which helps the OEM team to resolve the functional issues at the earliest

Regression Testing

Test and validate every new release before deploying the same in production environment

KEY Benefits of Functional Testing by Audix :

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